Dwyer Road

The almost 200 kW rooftop-mounted system was the first system completed for the Entergy New Orleans 5 MW portfolio. The Dwyer Road facility is owned by Entergy New Orleans and acts as a service center for the utility company. With the successful interconnection of the solar array, the Dwyer road system is producing 292,500 kWh annually.

Thankfully, the first project for the Entergy New Orleans 5 MW Portfolio was completed without any constraints. The system did not have any unforeseen challenges and was completed on time, under budget, and met all EPC testing requirements.

Technically speaking– The system is comprised of 576 PV modules and 5 inverters. The system is mounted on the roof at 162°. The system is attached to the standing seam metal roof with non-penetrating S5U clamps.


Year Completed: 2018
Location: 5401 Dwyer Road, New Orleans, LA 70113
Project Size: 196 kW
Project Type: Turnkey
Approximate System Production: 292,500 kWh