Influent is thrilled to announce the project is completed. The success of this project could not have been achieved without Influent’s design and operations team and local Colorado construction and installation professionals. We are committed to providing our clients and their communities with the most economic benefit possible when choosing to go renewable, so it was crucial that we utilize local businesses for system installation.

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Fort Lupton Ground-Mount System Expansion

Earlier this year Influent Energy signed a contract with The State of Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) located in Fort Lupton. The original contract signed was a 45 kW ground-mount solar energy system. That contract has since been amended to include an additional 100 kW of solar power. The entire array will be 145 kW and located at the Fort Lupton Readiness Center. 

We are pleased to expand the solar array for the DMVA. The solar ground-mounted system tripled in size, ultimately, tripling the amount of clean, renewable energy produced. We are looking forward to a successful project completion, and we are excited to construct and install this renewable energy asset for the state of Colorado. The project is scheduled to be finished by Summer 2020.

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Fort Lupton, Colorado Contract Signed

Influent Energy has signed a contract with the Colorado National Guard in Fort Lupton, Colorado for a 45 kW ground-mount system. The system will be located at the Fort Lupton Readiness Center operated by the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. 

Along with the solar energy system, Influent has been assisting our client reach their future site sustainability goals by creating a master plan for additional energy components, such as expanding their solar assets, battery storage integration, electric vehicle charging stations, and other related infrastructure.

Influent is excited to begin working with the Colorado National Guard and expanding our solar portfolio into the state of Colorado.

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Entergy New Orleans Pilot Program Halfway Complete

The five megawatt pilot program for Entergy New Orleans has reached the halfway point. With the successful completion and interconnection of three rooftop solar systems, the Influent team has now installed 3.4 megawatts of solar power assets in New Orleans.

Two of the rooftop systems measure over a megawatt each. One of the installations measures 1.9 megawatts, making it  the largest rooftop solar energy system throughout the state of Louisiana. 

The entire Entergy New Orleans pilot program is scheduled to be completed September 2020.  

Learn more about Influent Energy’s 5 MW project with Entergy New Orleans.

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5 MW for Entergy New Orleans Signed

Influent Energy’s first major project is underway in New Orleans, Louisiana working with the city’s utility company Entergy New Orleans. Influent and Entergy signed the 5 MW distributed solar pilot program in June of 2018. The projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.

By utilizing empty, commercial-rooftop space, Influent is able to achieve the company’s renewable energy goals. The program works by leasing rooftop space from clients around the city of New Orleans as well as a 296 kW system on an Entergy facility. The systems will be placed on warehouse rooftops from Transportation Consultants, Inc. (TCI), the University of New Orleans, as well as on a local business owner’s property. The largest single solar rooftop system in Louisiana will be installed during this pilot program on a TCI warehouse. 

Influent Energy was created for projects like this– large-scale installations, working with a power provider, and developing, designing, and commissioning distributed solar generation. We are excited to be working with local subcontracted solar installers in New Orleans to achieve project success. Not only will Entergy New Orleans expand their renewable energy portfolio, but their solar investment will stimulate the local economy by utilizing subcontractors in the community. 

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Moving away from Brightergy

The founders of Influent Energy have announced their departure from Brightergy, LLC.

Andy Zellers, President, and Jessica Oakley, Chief Operating Officer, worked together at Brightergy in various capacities over the past four years. Their departure is the amicable result of a shift in business strategy.

“We want to focus on working with power providers, regulated utilities, and large national energy consumers to address larger community needs,” Zellers said. “Given our background in creating distributed energy solutions more than 1,400 times, we felt we could best address our clients’ needs with a new company structure.”

Influent is a female-owned company with projects under development nationwide. “We focus on the types of energy solutions that take time, that others might walk away from or feel under-qualified to perform. We love the challenging ones,” Oakley noted. “Our combined backgrounds give us the specialized experience needed to adapt to a very fast-changing energy market.”

The company is based in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. The team’s abilities include project development, system design, engineering, construction, and commissioning of large-scale renewable energy systems. 

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