The founders of Influent Energy have announced their departure from Brightergy, LLC.

Andy Zellers, President, and Jessica Oakley, Chief Operating Officer, worked together at Brightergy in various capacities over the past four years. Their departure is the amicable result of a shift in business strategy.

“We want to focus on working with power providers, regulated utilities, and large national energy consumers to address larger community needs,” Zellers said. “Given our background in creating distributed energy solutions more than 1,400 times, we felt we could best address our clients’ needs with a new company structure.”

Influent is a female-owned company with projects under development nationwide. “We focus on the types of energy solutions that take time, that others might walk away from or feel under-qualified to perform. We love the challenging ones,” Oakley noted. “Our combined backgrounds give us the specialized experience needed to adapt to a very fast-changing energy market.”

The company is based in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. The team’s abilities include project development, system design, engineering, construction, and commissioning of large-scale renewable energy systems.