Influent’s focus is working with power providers and other regulated utilities to overcome technical and regulatory challenges to develop large-scale renewable generation and storage projects – on a distributed basis.


The founders of Influent worked together for six years at their previous energy company, completing more than 1,400 commercial-scale energy projects nationwide. As a team, we have developed, sought regulatory approval, constructed and commissioned cutting-edge DG projects on an unmatched scale.


Andy Zellers


Andy understands the unique hurdles utilities face in developing and owning cutting-edge generation technologies.

Jessica Oakley

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica oversees the operations team; her background has helped the company complete many successful energy projects.

Shane Griffin

Chief Operating Officer

Shane is skilled at managing a variety of subcontractors and coordinating with site hosts to deliver a completed project.

Mark Cocks

Director of Safety and Quality Control

Mark is dedicated to ensuring all safety rules, guidelines, and solar installation practices are followed to the letter at each site.

Curt Hayward

Director of Project Development

With decades of sales and energy sector experience, Curt Hayward has a strong history of developing complex projects to help our clients achieve their' renewable goals and ensures all energy needs, budgets and environmental goals are met.

Julie Lewis-Farrelly

Energy Development Advisor

Julie uses her expertise in the energy sector to help identify how potential clients can receive the highest returns from their solar investment.